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How To Make Money With Sports Cards

How To Make Money With Sports Cards


This guest post came through our Article Submission Program. Thoughts and opinions are those of the author.


The Sports Card Market is nuts.

At first you may be thinking to yourself, how can a SINGULAR plastic card be worth so much? I don’t blame you, I thought the same exact thing. 

It wasn’t till a good buddy of mine, Johnny, introduced me to the sports card market. At first, I was making a lot of mistakes because I didn’t think about all the logistics that go into it. But it’s actually quite simple. If you think a player is going to be really good, buy his cards. 

My collection has DOUBLED in value in 4 short months and all it took was reaching for some advice and joining Facebook groups to UNDERSTAND the card market. 

To show you what I mean, here are just some of the investments I have made. 

Investment #1: 

No alt text provided for this image

I paid $415 for this card last week (6/16/20)

If you go on Ebay under Sold Listings, it just sold for $750 (6/22/20)


$750-$415= $335*2 = $670 GROSS PROFIT

Pretty good for a week of doing ZERO work, huh? Okay let me give you another example because examples are great proof. 

Investment #2:

No alt text provided for this image

I paid $215 for this card a couple months ago (4/12/20)

If you go on Ebay under Sold Listings, it sold for $410 (5/18/20)


$410-$215= $195 GROSS PROFIT

The Skinny

Okay so maybe you are thinking, “WOW, you can really double your money doing this whole sports card thing, huh?”

Yes, you totally can, but here are a few things to pay attention when buying a card. 


The brand of the card is EVERYTHING. You want to look for cards that are Panini Prizms and Optic Holos when first starting out. Now I am not a complete expert, but I specifically bought these two brands because I realized that the value of these types of cards exponentially grows.

You also want to do your research on if that specific card sells. All you have to do is go to Ebay -> sold listings. Click here to be able to do some research on your own.


People like FLASHY cards. You want to grab cards that appear to be shiny and have an appealing look to them. Your best bet is to find cards that are ROOKIES or that are limited edition so cards that are numbered out of /49 or /149/ or /249. This means that they only produced “x” amount of cards. This can be really helpful in finding value in cards that are produced in low quantities. Examples of this style of card. 

No alt text provided for this image


When a card is GRADED, it shows an accurate representation of the condition of a card. When PSA rates their cards a “10”, that means that it is in perfect condition. If you are going to buy a graded card, only buy cards that are PSA 10 as they have the greatest chance of increasing in value BUT only if you are buying a player that is going to be good in the big leagues. 


  • Only buy QUARTERBACKS for Football. Other positions don’t grow in value quite as much.
  • Buy players that have good potential. Example: Jayson Tatum, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, etc.
  • Always research a card before you buy it. There are a lot of cards that are way overvalued. 
  • Buy the GOATS of each sport. Example: Mike Trout, Lebron James, Messi/Ronaldo, Lamar Jackson. 


If you’re still reading this article, props to you. I am going to give you a little nugget where I think you can double your money in the next 12 months. I have bought Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo World Cup Prizm 2014 base cards that are extremely undervalued.

To find these cards, click here. I would buy in the price range of $35-$55 if you can. Make sure you buy the RIGHT card.

No alt text provided for this image


This is not a hard hobby to get into. If you’re serious about investing your money, this is a great tool outside of the stock market. All it takes is a little research and it helps if you enjoy sports. 

This was a great article that covers the importance of brand, style and grade. It also reiterates that the sports card market is booming with new collectors and investors daily! We will love to hear from you if any comments regarding the article or want to add something.

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  • Thanks man for the tips I have only just started investing and I have only made one mistake and that was when I bought a bunch of darius slayton cards but he is a receiver and not a qb but if you have any more tips please tell me.

    • Hey There! Love that you are getting into the hobby. My best tip would be to stick with QBs only (as you noted). I would recommend Optic Holo PSA 9 or 10s for Football. Basketball, I like the Panini Prizms and Silvers. Take a look at those and let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Nice read. Thanks for this, good reminder to slow down and research. Good thing about research is its reading about sports and watching sports which we all do daily, when they are on.

  • Solid article with good distinct content and examples. However, gross profit looks great on the surface, but after factoring in selling fees that eBay and PayPal take, up to 15% usually, that profit number can decrease a good amount when doing the final calculation on NET profit. In addition, that 15% in fees in taken on the total sale, not on just the gross profit amount, lowering the net profit even more. There’s also a bit of hassle factor and risk (as with any money making venture), but dealing with things when buying graded cards such as receiving scuffed/marked up/damaged slab holders, just to name one of the many. I’m just making those points to help your article have a slightly broader scope on doubling your money in a short amount of time by investing in sports cards. Yes it can happen, yes it happens quite often, but not always as easy as it sounds in the way this article was presented is all. Again, great piece, and great job so far getting solid ROI recently on your purchases.

  • Every popular card at least doubled in price or more over the last 4 months. It’s very hard to make money with cards which I’ve been doing for 21 years. You didn’t even factor in the fees after selling the card. You can’t assume the card you have will sell for that much. The picture is a probstein listing who has many followers and a very high feedback score. You are unlikely to get that much for your card. The recent rise in price is due to the pandemic and so many people jumping into cards. This is the first time where every popular player has jumped up in price by so much. Pokemon was as hot as can be when Pokemon Go came out. Many people jumped into Pokemon cards thinking they can make money. I know many of those people lost money in the long run. I can guarantee you it won’t be this easy all the time. Calling Lamar Jackson one of the goats is a big stretch since he hasn’t been in the league all that long.

  • One very important thing to mention after reading this article: There is a HUGE difference between INVESTING and SPECULATING. This article is about pure speculation and if any kids are reading this, please do not fall into this trap. What this author fails to mention is that the market right now is an aberration and not the norm. The cards he mentions doubling in value only doubled in value during this COVID market where many new people have gotten into the hobby, along with flippers and prospectors. This will not last. Many of the players he lists might never end up in the HOF, like Lamar Jackson, meaning their cards will not hold much value at all in the long term.

    If you want to make a few dollars flipping cards, then sure, follow this advice and make some money here and there, after doing hours of work finding and buying cards to buy and then listing your cards, packaging them, shipping them, etc. (He doesn’t mention any of the actual work necessary to REALIZE the profit). But also be ready for those same cards’ value to be cut in half or more once this bubble bursts and the speculators and flippers realize it’s not sustainable.

    For further reading, read up about the junk wax era in the late 80’s, early 90’s for an idea of how cards can be completely worthless.

    • Hey Andy,

      You bring up a lot of great points that I actually agree with. First off, yes this is obviously not the norm for sports cards. We have seen a huge spike in cards mainly due to COVID-19. Is the spike a short-term effect? Maybe.

      However, any great economy works with supply & demand. If more people enter the market, the demand for these sports cards becomes higher because more people want them (in theory). If there is a higher demand for a product, the price of the product goes up. So yes my article is 100% speculation. Any good article should have its own personality and thoughts. But I do believe you can flip a product when demand is there, and I think the demand is there. I could be wrong & that’s okay. It’s just my thoughts.

      I appreciate you writing a comment and checking out the article!



  • There are other factors involved and that is Time and Effort, I’m in the process of listing over 3k cards half are Jordan’s! Just doing the research on value and how to list them are time consuming and then you need to be set up to take pictures? I’m not giving up my way of doing this! Pictures are everything. Then the system that you have to inventory, package and then shipping! Hopefully it’s worth it!

  • Thank you! I’m almost 70. Collected stamps and baseball cards for years. Your info helped. I have thousands. Do I just list 10 or so at a time? I want to enjoy it. It’s my favourite sport. Thank you!

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