Sports Card Investor’s Article Writer Program

Do you have some ideas about sports card investing that you want to share with the world? Do you want to build a following in the hobby? If so, then writing articles for Sports Card Investor might be for you!

We take article submissions from passionate investors and hobbyists, and we publish the best articles to our website every month. In addition to the promotion you can get from being featured on our website and social channels, you can also win a cash prize if your article is the most popular of the month!

Anyone can submit an article as long as you follow the submission process and terms below. Once we review your article, we’ll let you know if we’re going to publish it or not. If not, we’ll provide feedback as to why so you can improve your articles in the future.

At the end of each month, we’ll award a $250 cash prize to the author whose article was selected by our team as the month’s best article. Our team will pick the best article based on views, social shares and comments on the article, as well as our own judgement of the article topic and writing quality.

How to submit your article:

The preferred method for article submission is to write your article using Google Docs. Go to, create a new doc, write your article, and then share the doc with when done (click the Share button in the upper right of Google Docs to share it).

Alternatively, you can write your article in a Microsoft Word document and email it to

Please include high resolution images with your article! Images can include photos you take yourself of cards you are talking about, or you can use photos from the web but they must have a creative commons license so we can use them without violating someone else’s copyright. To search creative commons photos, go here: If you want photos of a particular player, just enter their name into the search on that website and it should pull up some photos of them. Put the images directly in your article before submitting.

Proper grammar, formatting and images are important to your article being selected to be published. Please take the time to proofread your article before submitting. You may link to other websites in your article, but you cannot link to cards you are personally selling or affiliate programs that benefit you. Articles must be a minimum of 600 words.

Also include a photo or avatar of yourself, as well as a 1-2 sentence author bio. Here is a good example of an author bio: “Joel Ague is an amateur writer and baseball enthusiast. His dreams are that, one day, he’ll manage the operations of a baseball team and that his beloved Dodgers will stop letting him down.”

If you have any questions or want to bounce topic ideas off us before you submit, please email our Director of Content, Mark Ransom, at

Terms and Conditions:

By submitting an article, images and/or materials to us, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) All articles must be your original writing and only written for Sports Card Investor. Any articles that are plagiarized or copied from another website or forum will be deleted, and you may be banned from future submissions.

2) We will decide (at our own sole discretion) as to whether your article will be published. We reserve the right to delete an article after it’s published for any reason. For example, we may choose to delete an article if it offends readers or is found to be copied or plagiarized from another source.

3) Sports Card Investor and persons and entities affiliated with Sports Card Investor cannot be held liable in any way for any articles, images and materials submitted and published, and cannot be held responsible for its content and accuracy of submitted and published articles. Nonetheless, we will, if notified and having satisfied ourselves of the bona fides of the notification, remove any content that might constitute a legal violation, such as material submitted in potential breach of copyright.

4) By submitting articles, images, videos, or other works to us, you guarantee that you are the original copyright holder of everything you submit, and you own the legal rights to use the information. As such, we have no legal liability regarding any copyright claims, but will simply remove offending articles as/when we are advised of any breaches.

5) By submitting articles, images, videos, or other works to us, you grant us an exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to publish and create derivative works from everything you submit to us in any format, including without limitation print, video and electronic format, across all forms of media.


Thanks for considering our article writer program and we’re excited to receive your articles!