Sports Card Release Calendar: June 2023

Last month we saw the release of 2023 Bowman University Inception, which featured the first autographs of Iowa star Caitlin Clark and what we thought would be the first autos of phenom Victor Wembanyama. But with Wemby’s autos only coming out as redemptions, June could be the month we actually see some of his autos pulled — as 2022-23 Bowman University Chrome Basketball is scheduled to hit the market.

June also looks to be the month of National Treasures, with both 2022 NT Football and 2022-23 NT Basketball scheduled to hit the market.

All-in-all, June is shaping up to be an exciting month of releases.

Official release dates are subject to change on short notice at the discretion of the manufacturer.

June 1: 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Allure

Featuring Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, Loki, Thor and more, Upper Deck Marvel Allure brings big screen blockbusters to the hobby box format. Hobby boxes feature one Hit (Autograph, Sketch Card, Steel Parallel, Infinity Stone or Printing Plate), one Super Rare or #’d Parallel, eight short prints, five inserts (Nemesis, Character Posters and/or Movie Posters).

June 1: 2021-22 Upper Deck Ice Hockey

Picture Panini Chronicles (multiple brands in the same box) but with multiple years as well. The top brand being Exquisite Collection. This mix of hockey cards hits the market around $140 per hobby box. Top chases include on-card autos and patch autos of top stars and and rookies, many of which are serial numbered. Each hobby box should include: 1 Hit (Autograph, Relics or Frozen in Ice), 2 Ice Premieres, 3 Ice Crystals, 1 SubZero insert, 12 Base Rookies, 12 Green Parallels, 3 Base Parallels (Orange and/or Lavender), 1 2020-21 UD Ice Bonus Pack (5 cards), 1 Rookie Premieres, 1 Base Parallel and 3 Base Cards

June 2: 2022-23 Bowman University Chrome Basketball

Without question, this release — not the Bowman University Inception Release from May — will feature Victor Wembenyama’s top autographed cards (or redemptions), as they will have the desirable Bowman Chrome 1st Prospect mark on them. The same goes for Iowa’s Caitlin Clark. They could proverbial shelves at less than $250 per hobby box, and feature other stars with Bowman Chrome 1sts like Scoot Henderson, Drew Timme and Oscar Tschiebwe. Hobby boxes feature 2 Autographs, 4 2009 Bowman Inserts, 3 Skyscraping Inserts, 2 Bowman Invicta Inserts, 1 Shimmer Refractor Parallel, 2 Colored Parallels/Image Variations and 4 Refractor Parallels.

June 7: 2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey

The semi-high end release features gorgeous serial numbered on-card patch autos, along with inserts like 1951-52 Retro Autos, and short prints like 1950s Flashbacks, Jukebox Heroes, All-Star Legends and Tomorrow’s Riches. Hobby boxes average 1 Autograph or Memorabilia Card, 1 Additional Hit, 4 Base Rookies and/or Legends Short Prints, 4 Base Rainbow Parallels, 2 Base Color Variations, 1 Base Gold Rainbow Parallel, 3 1951-52 Retro Inserts and 4 Additional Inserts (Jukebox Heroes, Tomorrow’s Riches, 1950s Flashbacks, and/or Wire Image).

June 7: 2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball

This release features rookie cards for Anthony Volpe and Jordan Walker, as it extends the Series 1 checklist, going from card #331 to #660. The parallel breakdown and Golden Mirror Super Short Print Variation are most intriguing to collectors. Topps Series 2 also features the social media Follow Back inserts that premiered in Topps Big League earlier this year, 1988 Autographs and 1988 All-Star Autographs, Legends of the Game Autographs, and Reverence Patch Autos /10.

June 9: 2023 Donruss UFC MMA

From the fighters, to the Rated Rookie subset, to the inserts like Fantasy Match-ups, Stare Masters, and the rare “Past and Present,” MMA fans should love this release. Hobby boxes average 1 Autograph, 1 Relic and 60 Inserts/Parallels.

June 14: 2022-23 Panini Chronicles Soccer

The best thing about Chronicles soccer is that it brings us all of the top Panini brands that we’re already familiar with in one release. From Origins and Optic Contenders autos to Panini, Illusions, Playoff, Dynagon, Essentials and Phoenix, look for stars from La Liga, Premier League and Serie A clubs. Hobby boxes will average 3 Autographs or Relics and 12 Parallels.

June 14: 2022-23 Panini Obsidian Soccer

This will be the fourth year of Obsidian Soccer, quickly becoming one of the top soccer releases of the year among collectors and investors. The checklist is solid, as it spans club kits from all major leagues, as well as FIFA international kits. This gives us autos of guys like Erling Haaland in his Manchester City kit, as well as inserts of USMNT stars like Tyler Adams in his country kit. But perhaps the most anticipated card is the first investable rookie card of young Ukranian national and Chelsea star Mykhailo Mudryk.

June 14: 2022-23 Panini Select Basketball

Say “hello” to one of the last hobby/retail releases of the Paolo Banchero/Chet Holmgren/Jaden Ivey rookie class. Select once again features its well-known subsets: Concourse, Premier Level and Courtside.

June 14: 2022-23 Upper Deck Extended Series Hockey

This release not only extends the checklist from Series 1 and Series 2, but it also adds several more Young Guns to the market. Specifically, it adds 30 Young Guns and 20 1st Round Rookies, hitting the market at a ratio of one in every four packs. Hobby boxes on average feature 6 Young Guns/1st Round Rookies, 4 Upper Deck Canvas Cards, 4 2007-08 Upper Deck Retro Inserts, 2 2006-07 Black Diamond Retros Cards, 2 #’d and/or Rare Ratio’d Cards, 1 Base French Parallel, 1 Clear Dominance or Smooth Grooves PETG Insert and 1 of each insert: 1997 Collectors Choice Commemorative Insert, 1997-98 SPx Retro Sky Blue Insert, 1999 History Class Insert and Dazzlers Blue Insert.

June 21: 2023 Panini Prizm Baseball

With a beautiful design, Prizm hits the market with a baseball product that — due to a lack of MLBPA licensing — only features minor leaguers and retired players. There is likely to be four Silver Prizms per hobby box, with hobby-only Prizm parallels like Hyper, Pulsar, Ice, and Ruby Wave, Green Scope, Black Gold and Orange Wave Prizms. In addition to chase-worthy inserts like Manga and Color Blast, hobby inserts include Fireworks, Future Supers, Pot of Gold, Prizmatic, and Second to None. Autographed inserts are Penmanship, Franchise Legends and Potential Penmanship. Hobby Boxes feature 3 Autographs, 4 Silver Prizms, 8 Hobby-Exclusive Prizms (Hyper, Pulsar, Ruby Wave and/or Ice) and 12 Hobby-Exclusive Inserts.

June 23: 2022 Panini National Treasures Football

For high-end investors, NT Football will open at around $2,300 per box, with one base card or insert along with one parallel accompanying what everyone is actually paying for – 6 Autographs or Relics. Panini apparently has tried to make Rookie Patch Autographs prevalent within the release.

June 23: 2023 Topps Tribute Baseball

One of Topps’ high end baseball releases, Tribute features one hit per pack, with three total autographs and relics likely within each hobby box. There’s only 100 cards in the checklist, broken down between 90 veterans and 10 rookies. Chase rookie autos of guys like Adley Rutschman, current star autos of guys like Mike Trout, and retired star autos of guys like David Ortiz.

June 28: 2022 Panini One Football

Each hobby box features an encased card with an on-card auto. New inserts this year are Presenting (#/99 or less), One Small Step and The Oneders. Presenting features nicknames, while Oneders highlights all time greats. What investors really hope to pull though are Rookie Patch Autographs (#/199 or less) and the Premium Rookie Patch Autographs (#/99 or less).

June 28: 2022-23 Panini National Treasures Basketball

NT Basketball features four autos and four relics. Rookie Patch Autographs and the now famous RPA Logoman are the key chases along with the multi-swatch Rookie Material Autograph.

June 28: 2022-23 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey

Another high end release hitting the market this month for hockey collectors is Black Diamond. Hobby boxes should have six total cards, with an average of one auto and one diamond relic. This release is known for including jumbo swatches and featuring the Exquisite sub-brand.

June 28: 2022 Topps Renaissance MLS Major League Soccer

This looks like the first-ever premium high-end release for MLS collectors. Possibly the only release we know of where every card is considered a “premium hit,” Topps Renaissance MLS hobby boxes feature two cards, one auto and one auto relic.

June 28: 2023 Rittenhouse Star Trek Discovery Season 4

For the “Trekkies” out there, $140 hobby boxes hit the market with three autos and one relic per box. This Season 4 release covers each of the 13 series episodes with six recap cards. The Gold parallels fall in every pack while Red parallels in this insert heavy release should be found once in each box. Inserts are: Behind the Scenes – 13 cards; 1:24 Packs, Phase Cut – 12 cards; 1:168 packs, Relationships – 18 cards; 1:24 Packs, Season Four Costume Design – 27 cards; 1:8 Packs, Starfleet’s Finest – 12 cards; #/99, Storyboard Art – 11 cards; 1:24 Packs and The Captain’s Chair – 7 cards; 1:48 Packs.

June 30: 2022-23 Panini Impeccable Premier League Soccer

Hobby boxes feature four autographs, one additional auto or relic, one Base Card, one Parallel and one Metal Insert. The case hit is the League Logo cards that contain a silver or gold bar. Stars from all 20 EPL teams are featured in the set. 

June 30: 2023 Panini Select Draft Picks Football

The second year of Select Draft Picks Football features 2023 rookies in their college uniforms, along with veteran stars in their college uniforms as well — all in Select’s well-known Concourse and Field Level subsets. Known for its collectable Prizms, this release has the hobby-exclusive Zebra Prizm, Tri-Color Prizm (#/199), Tie-Dye Prizm (#/25), and more. Hobby boxes average three Silver Prizm cards and six additional Prizm parallels along with three autos.

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