Sports Card Release Calendar: August 2023

Late summer and early fall is an exciting time for collectors, regardless of sport or interest. With the NBA summer league finishing, the MLB playoff push heating up, the NFL beginning preseason activities, and the NHL regular season looming close by, fans have a lot to look forward to. The August release schedule suits all of these categories with a variety of releases containing stars, prospects, and legends from their respective sports. Additional releases include cards from beloved movie characters, and hit shows, ensuring nearly all types of collectors have something they can keep an eye on. Let’s take a look at this diverse list.

Official release dates are subject to change on short notice at the discretion of the manufacturer.

August 2, 2023: 2023 Score Football

The first release for August is 2023 Score Football, which is traditionally the lowest entry price point to get your hands on rookie cards as 25% of the checklist contains rookies, but most likely all in college uniforms with pro branding on the border design. The hobby boxes contain 4 autographed cards, and each hobby box accounts for 9 base rookies. Those who purchase a case can expect a /10 Base Die-Cut.

August 2, 2023: Skybox Marvel Masterpieces

The 2023 Skybox Marvel release features brand new card art created by Dan dos Santos which is based on oil paintings he created specifically for this release. Outside of the base set, the release features Canvas Gallery cards and the return of Preliminary Art Variant cards. Inserts included feature Metallurgy, Mirage, and Preserved in Amber titles. You can also pull the Battle Spectrum insert, which has its own Gems and Holofoil parallels 

August 2, 2023: Topps Baseball Complete Factory Sets

The 2023 Complete Factory Set contains Series 1 and 2 cards that combine for 660 cards per box. Each box holds its own exclusive content, with 5 Base Foilboard parallels. There is also a separate 582 Montgomery Club Box, which features 582 stamped cards.

August 2, 2023: 2022-23 Panini Obsidian Soccer

Rounding off the first day of the August calendar is the 2022-23 Panini Obsidian Soccer release. Panini drops its fourth iteration of this series, featuring stars from globally recognized soccer powerhouses such as FC Barcelona and Manchester City. The release adds 2 new Electric Etch parallels with low print runs, bringing a grand total of 9 parallels to the base set. Boxes will also feature one die-cut insert design, which have 7 of their own parallels. Furthermore, this drop gives collectors a chance at pulling from 12 different hit choices of autograph and/or relic variations. The Hobby Box averages 4 autos / relics, and adds an average of 1 base parallel or insert.

August 4, 2023: 2022-23 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Soccer

The 2022-23 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Soccer release contains stars from the coveted German Soccer League. Consistent to years prior, the base set contains 100 cards. Additionally, there are 18 refractor variations available, including a 1/1 Superfractor parallel.  A myriad of inserts are included in the checklist, as well as 1 auto per hobby box.

August 5, 2023: 2023 Topps International Trading Card Day

The Topps International Trading Card Day releases solo on August 5, and once again contains athletes from a wide range of sports, potentially enticing a large target audience. Upon release Topps International Trading Card Day offers a limited number of free cards as well as in-person MLB stadium giveaways. There are six sport-specified packs in total that combine for 100 packs per box. 

August 9, 2023: 2022 Panini National Treasures Football

Note: we wrote about NT Football last month but it appears to have been pushed back. Panini’s popular National Treasures Football is back, typically offering collectors 6 hits per box. The hobby boxes also include either one insert, or one parallel. The new Treasure Hunt insert features a metal design and is a 1 of 25 collectors card. In total, the release features 9 base parallels, with an additional 4 Super Bowl Immunity parallels. Buyers can also be on the lookout for auto and relic cards, as well as 3 different rookie jersey patch insert variations. 

August 9, 2023: 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary 1953 Baseball

The 2022 release of Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary gives homage stylistically to the 1953 design, and with an assortment of new and old parallels packs a punch of variety to interested collectors. There are both Hobby and Hobby Lite boxes, with the Hobby Lite including Black & White Mini-Diamond Refractors parallels. On top of 28 base parallels, there are an additional 11 Refractor parallels for auto cards.

August 9, 2023: 2023 ZeroCool Stranger Things Season 4

This show-inspired release hits the market to capture the same intrigue from card collectors that it has of its dedicated viewers. The Season 4 set is ZeroCool’s first full iteration dedicated solely to Stranger Things, and highlights the most recognizable and enjoyed scenes and their characters in its 100-card set. The release consists of 4 different parallels, with one 1-of-1 card disguised as a “0-of-0”. There are also cast-signed signature cards, different themed inserts, and intriguing card technologies included in the set.


August 9, 2023: 2023-24 Upper Deck MVP Hockey

Releasing as the first available hockey set of 2023-24, Upper Deck MVP Hockey gives fans a chance to collect new rookie cards and added inserts. Collectors and investors can get their hands on rookies via Rookie Redemptions. One standard Rookie Redemption comes in every 400 packs, while the top chase and No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft, Connor Bedard, comes one in every 2,500 packs. There’s also a No. 1 pick Gold Parallel Rookie Redemption in every 12,500 packs.

With 250 cards in total, the Base edition includes 1 Ice Battle card per pack, removing the commonly-used player statistics for a Pack Wars game. There are also Silver Script, Super Script, and Black Super Script Parallels available, with signatures included on each. For the “glass half full” crowd, there is also a chance at a Magenta Autograph, though it is pulled just 1 in 400 packs.

August 11, 2023: 2022-23 Panini Mosaic Basketball

Comprised of a base set with Prizm parallels, the Panini Mosaic Basketball release comes with fresh Mosaic Pink variants available in its Hobby box. Hobby specific parallels contain 7 Mosaic parallels, with the Choice and Fast Break boxes adding 5 and 6 parallels of their own. Those that decide on the Hobby boxes also get a chance at a number of different inserts, such as Overdrive and Storm Chasers. Additionally, there are autograph and rookie mosaics, Pictograph Mosaics, Collage Auto mosaics, and Autograph Fast Breaks scattered to be collected for those looking to complete the checklist.

August 11, 2023: 2023 Topps Star Wars

Making its debut appearance, the 2023 Topps Star Wars release hits the market as a great option for new collectors due to its card diversity. The base set consists of 100 cards, and has no allegiance to any one particular Star Wars series or movie. There are 12 base parallels, with two 1 of 1’s, Hyperspace and Printing Pirates. The wide range of inserts included in this release also have 4 of their own parallels, and are headlined by a 1-of-1 Hyperspace print. With both Comic Covers and Into The Galaxy contributing to the card artwork, collectors can look here for a wide range of characters and differentiated designs. 

August 16, 2023: 2023 Immaculate Collection Collegiate Football

For the college enthusiasts, the 2023 Immaculate Collection Collegiate Football release premiers young stars set to take on the big stage of the NFL, like Anthony Richardson and Bijan Robinson, while also including former college legends like Tim Tebow and even Johnny Manziel. 

The base pack includes 5 parallels from Ruby all the way to a 1/1 Platinum. There are also Rookie Patch Autos available with less than 100 prints. Immaculate Moments as well as Immaculate Jumbos are also included, giving fans a chance to collect their favorite memories of their favorite players.

August 16, 2023: 2022-23 Topps Merlin UEFA Club Competitions Soccer

Topps Merlin UEFA Club Competitions Soccer offers a variety of 17 different Refractor Parallels to collect. Those who opt for the Hobby Box will ensure one Chrome Autograph, however we do not yet have all of the information on the exclusives included with for those that purchase. Additionally, there are 3 inserts available: Ageless Alchemy, Merlin’s Masters, and U21.

August 23, 2023: 2023 Panini Chronicles Racing NASCAR

Panini Chronicles Racing NASCAR includes hobby boxes showcasing 3 autographed cards with one relic. The release includes several inserts: Clear Vision, Elements, Select, Chronicles. Each box averages 3 auto cards, and Vertex Autographs headlines its first appearance with a new signature chase. The pack rounds off with multiple NASCAR relics as potential pulls, and is headlined by Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

August 23, 2023: 2023 Panini Immaculate Collection Baseball

Known for showcasing rising talents and retired legends, the unlicensed Panini Immaculate Collection Baseball features a number of jersey-patch cards, as well as unique Jumbo Bat Signatures, which feature 8 different parallels. This release in particular is unique due to its number of relic cards. From Dual Legends Materials, to Jumbo Relics that use jersey patches taking up almost the entirety of the card, Panini Immaculate Collection Baseball offers a variety of options for collectors to pull.

August 23, 2023: 2023 Panini Luminance Football

The 2023 Panini Luminance Football release is a highly-anticipated drop for NFL collectors. With 8 base, 2 autos, and 5 parallels available, enthusiasts have a chance at collecting their favorite NFL stars, at a relatively reliable clip. Each hobby box averages three autographs and one memorabilia card, as well as several parallels and inserts, creating high upside for collectors seeking rarity. 

The release also features two new inserts, Engaged and Unforgettable, which give collectors a chance to add star cards that showcase them making some of their greatest plays. The Animation variant is also included on a short print basis for this release. For those that are able to pull inserts, there are 9 different parallels available, adding additional variety and rarity options. If this isn’t enough to demand interest, the 480 card release also includes several autograph and relic cards, which have another 16 variations.

August 23, 2023: 2022-23 Topps Chrome UEFA Women’s Champions League Soccer

With the most recent iteration of the Women’s Champions League tournament wrapping up in June, the 2022-23 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Soccer set couldn’t be released at a better time. The release features new inserts such as Crowning Moments and Queens of Football, paired with the returns of Fierce. We also know the Hobby Pack will contain 1 Chrome Autograph.

August 25, 2023: 2023 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Vol. 2

Releasing as the second rendition of the Marvel series for Upper Deck, the 2023 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Vol. 2 set provides buyers with high upside through potential hits on top of parallels and inserts. The base set totals 100 cards, and provides high parallel pull rates through inclusions of parallels such as the Thatched Foilboard (1:4) and Japanese Mega Moon packs (1:8). Kaiju Battle inserts are also able to be pulled, which have seemed to grow in popularity recently, as Kaiju has been received well enough to be featured in video games such as MLB The Show 2023’s Diamond Dynasty mode. The release also features some unique quality cards such as J-Comics Collage Stax, which requires you to collect several cards from this drop to pair together and form the full image. Those opting for the Hobby box can expect some strong upside, as each of these boxes averages 4 Thatched Foil Parallels, 2 Japanese Megamoon Parallels, and 4 additional inserts.

August 30, 2023: 2023 Donruss Elite Football

On the last day of releases in August, Donruss will release the 2023 Donruss Elite Football set. The Base Set includes 10 parallels for each card, ranging from Razzle Dazzle up to the 1-of-1 Elite variations. Donruss also decided to feature new player card art inspired by past designs (but rookies are likely to be in college uniforms), as this release marks the 20 year anniversary of Donruss Elite Football. The release, in similar fashion to a number of other football drops on this list, features a variety of autograph and relic cards with Pen Pals and Turn of the Century editions. For collectors that show allegiance to a few particular teams, The Team Lineage cards offer the ability to collect multiple eras of a team’s stars in one autograph card, including an Eagles succession showcasing Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, and Jalen Hurts. Once again the Hobby Box gives buyers some appetizing odds of pulling valuable cards, with 2 autographs, 11 inserts, and 6 parallels being included on average for each box. 

August 30, 2023: 2022 Panini Encased Football

Note: We wrote about this in July’s release article, but it was pushed back to August. The 2022 Panini Encased Football is just one of few late release drops on the list, but the wait may be worth it as it packs a punch. This drop includes legends of old while still being stacked with all of the top rookie performers. With Rookie Cap Patch cards featuring breakout receivers like Chris Olave, to “The Sheriff” Peyton Manning’s Sapphire parallels, buyers are likely to find substantial variation and value from this release.

August 30, 2023: 2023 Topps Chrome Garbage Pail Kids OS6

This sticker trading card release includes a 100-card base set, featuring cards from the 1986 set redesigned with new card art. There are 16 different parallel variations available, with both the Superfractor and Printing plates being 1-of-1 prints. The release features A,B, and even C-name cards and has added chase characteristics such as artist autographs.

August 30, 2023: 2021-22 Upper Deck Credentials Hockey

At $170 per hobby box, this lower-end release features two seasons worth of rookies as it skipped the 2020-21 season. There is one hit per box, but no guaranteed auto. If you’re unlucky, your hit will be an unsigned acetate insert instead of an autograph. In addition to the one hit, hobby boxes contain 8 Inserts (Star of the Night and/or Rookie Arrivals), 2 Tech Inserts and 5 serial numbered Cards. The set is composed of 100 rookies and 50 vets. Dozens of parallels range from /999 down to 1/1s. Look for a mix of rookies featured in both Debut Ticket Access and Rookie Arrivals. Debut Ticket Access autograph checklist includes the possibility of parallels from /199 down to 1/1s. 

August 30, 2023: 2023 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

The 17th Anniversary of Topps Allen & Ginter features 3 elevated hit cards in its patented array of throwback designs of elite baseball talent, and sprinkles of other sports stars. Each 300 card base set attaches an additional 50 short-printed cards. New parallels include Foil Filigree, Silver Portraits, and more rare Glossy Parallels. There are a total of eight Base Mini Parallels, and eight Mini SP Parallels. Additionally, Topps Allen & Ginter features mini inserts, mystery A&G Rip Cards, and Auto/Relic cards. Each hobby box also includes a topper per usual.

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