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My Personal Collection: SHOULD I INVEST MORE In These Sports Cards Now??

My Personal Collection: SHOULD I INVEST MORE In These Sports Cards Now??


Here are some of my favorite cards in my personal collection. Question is, should I buy more now while the market is down?

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  • Geoff, I love that you’re long on Trae. I also purchased a lot of him this year. It will be difficult to see him avg 30 again if the rest of the younger players on that team increase their usage rates. His size might limit him but I think it also makes him more popular over the long term. Players who can’t grow to be 6’6 will look up to idolize players like Trae similar to Steph.

    The Brees’ Topps PSA 10 is a beauty but should it sell for nearly as much as a Manning PSA 10 chrome? I’ve also wondered if Peyton Manning is undervalued compared to Brees. I still believe that Peyton Manning was the far superior player. Five regular seasons MVPs and 2 Super Bowl wins to ZERO MVPs for Brees and 1 Super Bowl win – the choice is clear to me! Buy Peyton Manning. I’d hold on Brees and would only look to purchase if his prices fall prior to retirement. From the same token, do you have any Tom Brady? I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t want to own his Bowman Chrome PSA 10 for under 2k. Considering Brady has no Topps or even a Topps Chrome rookie and that many of his rookie cards are aesthetically unappealing and feature him in his Michigan jersey, why has his Bowman Chrome not eclipsed $4,000-5,000?

    Thanks for the videos. Always a pleasure.

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