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MiLB Report: Is Cristian Pache Ready to Contribute In Atlanta?

Atlanta Braves prospect Cristian Pache has already gotten a chance at the major league level, but a lack of consistency at the plate pushed him back into the minors. He’s been crushing the ball over the last week, though, so a call-up could be in the works as the Braves push toward the playoffs.

Read more about Pache and four other prospects in this week’s MiLB Report:

Kevin Alcantara, CF, Chicago Cubs (2018 International Signee)

Height: 6’6 | Weight: 188 | Age: 19

Season stats: .344/.411/.594; 4 HR

Last week’s stats: .333/.385/1.385; 2 HR

MLB comparison: Aaron Judge

Scouting ReportHit: 50 | Power: 55 | Run: 60 | Arm: 55 | Field: 55 | Overall: 50

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Recently acquired from the Yankees during the Anthony Rizzo trade, Alcantara has an absurdly high ceiling and is a well-rounded athletic giant. I felt it was only fair to compare him to Aaron Judge since he was a former Yankee — he has some work to do in the weight room before that comparison can become a reality. Alcantara, who just turned 19, fared well in rookie ball when he was just 16 in 2019. Building on that success, he has been one of the best performers at the rookie ball level in 2021.

Nick Yorke, 2B, Boston Red Sox (17th overall pick in 2020)

Height: 6’0 | Weight: 200 | Age: 19

Season stats: .310/.406/.864; 7 HR

Last week’s stats: .450/.577/1.527; 3 HR

MLB comparison: Jose Altuve

Scouting ReportHit: 50 | Power: 55 | Run: 60 | Arm: 55 | Field: 50 | Overall: 55

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The Red Sox took Yorke in the 1st round when they probably could have gotten him later in the 2020 draft, but that shows the confidence the organization had in him. So far, he’s been outstanding at the plate. Yorke has displayed great plate discipline while walking 39 times in 71 games. This week, he tapped into his power with his first multi-home run game. Yorke has the power and if he can find it in-game more often he will shoot up the prospect list.

Jairo Pomares, OF, San Francisco Giants (2018 International Signee)

Height: 6’1 | Weight: 185 | Age: 21

Season stats: .372/.429/1.122; 14 HR

Last week’s stats: .429/.462/1.319; 2 HR

MLB comparison: Bobby Abreu

Scouting ReportHit: 55 | Power: 45 | Run: 50 | Arm: 50 | Field: 50 | Overall: 45

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Pomares is making a case for the most underrated hitter in pro baseball after he quietly slashed a .324 batting average in his first pro season in 2019 at 18 years old. Coming into 2021, Pomares was still not on many prospector’s radar (mine included). Over the course of the season thus far, he’s become the best hitter in Low-A. The Giants’ farm system continues to get stronger and stronger with international players like Pomares. 

Riley Greene, OF, Detroit Tigers (5th overall pick in 2019)

Height: 6’3 | Weight: 200 | Age: 20

Season stats: .298/.381/.905; 16 HR, 12 SB

Last week’s stats: .480/.536/1.736; 5 HR

MLB comparison: Ken Griffey Jr. 

Scouting ReportHit: 60 | Power: 55 | Run: 50 | Arm: 55 | Field: 55 | Overall: 60

Cards to Watch: 2019 Bowman Chrome Autograph; 2019 Bowman Chrome; 2019 Bowman Chrome Sapphire

Riley Greene is a true 5-tool player and was arguably the best high school player in the 2019 draft class (alongside Bobby Witt Jr.). He displays the ability to square up the ball consistently while providing plus power. In the outfield, Greene is a human highlight reel, bringing potential Gold Glove-level defense at all three of the outfield positions. Greene has been a constant in this Tigers’ organization, and has recently been called up to Triple-A following this week’s performance. 

Cristian Pache, CF, Atlanta Braves (2015 International Signee)

Height: 6’2 | Weight: 215 | Age: 22

Season stats: .258/.332/.781; 9 HR

Last week’s stats: .423/.516/1.593; 5 HR

MLB comparison: Torii Hunter

Scouting ReportHit: 55 | Power: 50 | Run: 70 | Arm: 70 | Field: 80 | Overall: 60

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Pache is the best defensive outfielder in the minor leagues — he has a perfect combination of elite speed and reaction time out in centerfield while maximizing his range. He made his MLB debut at the end of the 2020 season, and even started the 2021 season on the starting roster. However, Pache (who has been consistent over his MiLB career offensively) has not been able to get it going at the plate at the MLB level. He’s been hitting much better in recent weeks and this week was easily his best week of 2021. Hopefully this will continue if the Braves bring him up for an end-of-season playoff push. 

Ryan R. covers minor league baseball prospects for Sports Card Investor and writes a weekly MiLB Report column. Follow his other content on his YouTube channel.

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