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How to Take High-Quality Photos for eBay Sports Card Listings

How to Take High-Quality Photos for eBay Sports Card Listings

Ben Burrows

The go-to marketplace for sports trading cards and collectible card games, eBay is committed to enhancing both the buyer and seller experiences, especially for those who are new to the platform. For that reason, Sports Card Investor has partnered with eBay for a series of articles and videos that address a number of topics that are integral to positive selling experiences. 

Using high-quality photos for any listing is arguably the most important part of selling on eBay, and sports cards are no different. Taking high-quality photos doesn’t have to be difficult either — it’s possible to take great photos with just your smartphone and a few simple tricks for capturing better angles and lighting.

Create an eBay listing using these tips and tricks for an easy and effective selling experience.

You Don’t Need a Great Camera

Seriously, the camera on your smartphone is more than good enough — you don’t need an expensive DSLR or high-end scanner to take quality photos. Those things certainly help, but are not required. Your smartphone camera will work just fine.

Consider a Lightbox

Much like high-end cameras and scanners, a lightbox isn’t required, but it can certainly help. Purchasing a small lightbox is a cheap option that can really upgrade your photos with clean backgrounds and proper lighting. You can find these easily on eBay for less than $50.

Consider Using a Scanner

Many of today’s printers have built-in scanners, and most are good enough for taking scans of your cards if you’d like to avoid taking photos. Using a scanner is easy, fast, and can provide high-quality photos, but you also run the risk of scratching cards or their cases. Scanners can also struggle to pick up refractor effects that turn an average card into a real stunner.

Use a Flat Surface

If you don’t have access to a lightbox or scanner, any flat surface will do. Place the card on a flat, neutral surface and try to avoid busy backgrounds and direct light of any kind. Direct light can result in a glare, which should be avoided when possible.

Make Sure Key Qualities Are Easily Identifiable

Make sure your card’s key qualities are on display. Refractors and prizms are some of the most coveted cards in the hobby, so you’ll want their distinct effects to be easy to see. Showing off a great rainbow effect can be the difference between a potential buyer scooping up your card or skipping your listing altogether.

A priority should also be made on the order of the photos — the front of the card (and its best features) should be the first photo people see while other angles and the back should follow.

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