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How Savvy Investors Turned a 250% Profit on Anthony Davis Cards

How Savvy Investors Turned a 250% Profit on Anthony Davis Cards

Anthony Davis

It wasn’t much of a secret: Anthony Davis was going to be traded this offseason. That became apparent when the news broke back in January that he was demanding to be traded.

The only question was, what team would trade for him? Speculation was the Lakers, Knicks or Celtics – all major media market teams. Landing in any of those places would have driven up his card values.

What’s surprising is that more sports card collectors didn’t see this opportunity earlier. Anthony Davis’ prices remained relatively flat until this summer’s free agency period started. As soon as the news broke that he was traded to the Lakers, his prices spiked 250% and have remained near that level ever since.

Anthony Davis rookie card price history

Here’s the lesson: If there is a chance an NBA star in a smaller market could get traded or signed by a contending major market team in the offseason, invest in that player before the offseason begins.

What other takeaways do you have from this? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Geoff,

    Good stuff. I invest in basketball cards, and made some fortune flipping Luka Doncic’s cards, and will do again this year with the Zion craze 😉

    One question: I’ve looked for some time, but I couldn’t find any decent answer – how do you access/track a player’s sold card prices like the AD Prizm Base RC PSA 10 in this article – did you do it manually, or any tools to recommend?

    Thanks, man – keep up for the great work.

    • Sorry for the slow reply! I used PWCC’s Price Market Research tool and then manually pulled all the results into an Excel spreadsheet, cleaned them up, and created the graphs from there. It’s a painful process but I’m working on building some new tools to make it easier. Stay tuned! -Geoff

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