Complete Guide to November 2023’s Sports Card Release Calendar

With the NBA season kicking off and the MLB postseason drawing to a close, sports card collectors find themselves in a position to make a number of plays across a wide range of sports. This month’s release calendar features some top releases from Panini and Topps that are sure to contain a number of prints that collectors and flippers will find worthy of adding to their portfolios. This month also features a variety of releases sure to suit nearly any type of collector and trader. Let’s dive in.

November 1: 2022-23 SP Authentic Hockey

The first release for November resides with SP Authentic Hockey, which is a popular choice for collectors on account of the heavy inclusion of hard-signed autos. It features the desirable Future Watch line that showcases the games top rookies, as well as 100 veterans in the base set.

There are 5 base parallels ranging from #/399 to 1/1, as well as a variety within the previously mentioned Future Watch prints. Collectors can also look for a number of inserts such as Collaborations, Pageantry, Future Icons, and Holofoils.

November 1: 2023 Topps Chrome McDonald’s All-American Basketball

2023 Topps Chrome McDonald’s All-American Basketball returns on the 1st of the month, highlighting the top high-school basketball talent around the country, split into East and West divisions. Collectors can seek out popular names such as Bronny James and Isaiah Collier from this release.

Hobby boxes start at $229, and contain two autographs. The base set contains a checklist of 100 cards, which have a massive 20 possible parallels ranging #/399 to 1/1. Collectors can expect 6 of these parallels per hobby box, in addition to a singular McDonald’s logo parallel. 

November 1: 2023 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors Hockey

The final release on the 1st of the month comes from Upper Deck and features the best young hockey players from both the 18u and 20u teams, as well as the Women’s National club. Hobby boxes typically contain 4 hits that are composed of inserts, relics (both autographed and non) as well as base autographs.

The checklist for this drop includes 150 base cards, which have 10 different parallels. The Program of Excellence line also hoists 4 of its own parallels. Popular inserts such as Prospectus Momentus and Team Canada FX will return, while all other inserts will be newly-added editions.

November 3: 2023 Bowman Sterling Baseball

Bowman Sterling Baseball returns on the 3rd of the month to, once again, cover the top young talent of the sport, scattered between rookies and prospects. Collectors can look for Corbin Carroll autos, as well as a shared card between Orioles top talent Adley Rustchman, Gunnar Henderson, and No.1 prospect Jackson Holliday. Each master hobby box will include 5 mini-boxes, which contain one autographed card per.

The main set includes 50 prints as well as 50 of the top prospects that have 11 different parallels for each base option ranging #/199 to 1/1. This release features a myriad of autographed prints for collectors to look forward to, each holding 11 different refractors of their own. A new insert that will likely prove desirable for this year’s release comes from Sterling Opulence Autographs.

November 3: 2023 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Football

2020 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Football comes with a hefty hobby box price point of $699.99 and focuses on college football stars, retired legends of the game, as well as the rookie class. Each hobby box provides a burst of content, including an average of 7 hits made up of both autographed prints and inserts.

Collectors can find cards of past college stars (some dominating at the next level) like Patrick Mahomes and Christian McCaffrey, and the base line offers 5 parallels numbered from #/75 to 1/1. This release also includes a number of different autograph and relic options through the College Materials Signatures and Notable Nicknames lines. 

November 3: 2023 Onyx Vintage Extended Baseball

Onyx releases 2023 Vintage Extended Baseball on the 3rd of the month, which may draw the attention of collectors through the potential to pull top incoming rookie prospects as well as more established Minor League players looking to make the jump next season. Names like Paul Skenes, Junior Caminero, and Ethan Salas lead the pack for desirability on a tried-and-true design. Each box consists of two hard-signed autographed as well as base prints. There are 4 different signature colors (Blue, Green, Red, and Black) ranging in print counts from 50 all the way down to 5. 

November 3: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox Rift Variants

November 3 is a date sure to please Pokemon collectors. This release features 4 different Scarlet and Violet Paradox Rift configurations: 3-Pack Blister, Rift Booster, Elite Trainer, and Sleeved Booster. Collectors can look for featured cards such as Iron Valiant ex, Roaring Moon ex, Garchomp ex, and Amarouge ex to pull and add to their portfolios. 

November 8: 2023 Panini Chronicles Baseball

The first release on November 8 comes from Panini as they release their Panini Chronicles Baseball drop. Hobby boxes start under $150 and content focuses primarily on rookies and top prospects, with former stars sprinkled in as well. Collectors can seek out players like Druw Jones, Willie Mays, and Elly De La Cruz through a variety of different inserts.

Autographed cards are able to be pulled through Noir Signatures, Studio Black Signatures, and Origins Rookie Materials Autographs. The hits also include a limited number of available parallels. Hobby boxes consist of 6 packs holding 8 cards per.

November 8: 2023 Panini Origins Football

2023 Panini Origins Football is one of 3 Panini drops on the 8th of the month, and features hobby boxes starting at $499. This release features a wide range of players, distributing card art between both top rookies and league vets. Collectors can search for exciting rookies such as Jahmyr Gibbs and Anthony Richardson (who is showcased on a super short printed Origin Story rookie card). Overall, this drop includes a ton of variety through a high number of inserts and players.

Other super short prints from this release include Big Bang and Pedigree, which are headlined by top QBs like Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow. Autographs and relics alike are both able to be pulled, with Rookie Jumbo Patch autos falling 1 time per pack on average.

November 8: 2023 Panini Prestige Football

Making its annual return is 2023 Panini Prestige Football, promising a 400-card base set that consists of 300 veterans and a handful of rookies (some short-printed). The release includes a high number of hobby exclusive parallels, as well as a whopping 18 different insert lines. Boxes include 10 packs that hold 10 cards per.

November 8: 2023 Topps Archives Baseball

Topps Archives Base releases with an affordable hobby box price point of $119.99, and guarantees two autographed cards as well as 3-D glasses designated with a Topps logo. We like this drop for the large number of references to previous baseball releases ranging across decades, as this release features a myriad of different stylistic designs from the past in its 300-card base set. The are 7 parallels for the base set ranging #/199 to 1/1, with Blue Foilboard and Orange Hot Foilboard remaining loyal to only hobby boxes.

There are also inserts available to pull from this release, covering both young stars and former legends of the game. Each of the 3 inserts has 4 of its own parallels as well. Collectors can hope to pull players such as Jackie Robinson and Aaron Judge, and the 3-D glasses come into play via Topps Baseball 3-D. Lastly, there are several different autographed lines available for players such as retired legend Albert Pujols and sweet-swinging Freddie Freeman.

November 10: 2023 Panini Certified Football

Panini Certified Football makes a return on the 10th, touting Freshman Fabric prints as well as a number of new inserts. The 200-card base set is split evenly amongst vets and rookies, and 11 mirror parallels are able to be pulled ranging from #/349 to 1/1. New inserts such as Huck it Chuck It and super short-printed Night Moves hit the scene, while the 2023 insert establishes itself as a super short print chase.

The most heavily sought after of the autographed and relic prints in this release will reside with Freshman Fabrics, with 11 more parallels available ranging #/399 to 1/1. In addition to these signed cards you can find more signatures on Canton Certified Signatures, Mirror Signatures, and Fabric of the Game.

November 15: 2023 Donruss Optic UFC MMA

Returning for a second time, 2023 Donruss Optic UFC MMA includes at least 1 autograph per hobby box and showcases over 20 different parallels and inserts for collectors to hunt for. Newly-added Rated Rookie cards will help to cover some of the top talent in the UFC, with fighters such as Conor McGregor and Jailton Almeida headlining the release. Each hobby pack should also include 1 of either a parallel or insert, with the Authority of the Octagon line making its debut this year. 

November 15: 2023 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball

Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball brings loads of fresh content through new and returning sets that showcase top current players such as Julio Rodriguez and Mike Trout. The Diamond Dominance line will be a top limited chase for the brightest stars in the baseball world today.

This release also includes a number of different autographed selections, with the standard Chrome Autographs prints holding several different parallel variations. Collectors can also look for short-printed autographed cards of players like Ronald Acuna Jr. via Action Stars Chrome Autographs (Numbered to 25) and 1988 Topps Chrome Autographs (numbered to 50). Dual and triple autographs are also available to be collected from this drop.

November 15: 2022-23 Topps Tier One Bundesliga Soccer

Topps Tier One Bundesliga makes a return to showcase some of the top talent from German League players. While boxes feature just 3 cards, they’re composed of two autographs, as well as a relic. Returning autographed lines include: Young Gold Autographs, Ball Magnet Autographs, as well as Tier One Autographs, each covering a different subset of players.

Scarecrow and Xplosion Autographs also make their debut with this release both numbered /120. Each of the single-player autograph sets has 5 different parallels ranging from #/120 to 1/1. Collectors can also find several different lines of memorabilia focused cards, such as Tier One Relics and newly added Tier One Soccer Shoes.

November 15: 2023 SP Game Used CFL Football

SP Game Used CFL Football focuses primarily on hits, with 15-card hobby boxes consisting of either relics or autographs. The CFL Autograph line shows up in 1:2 packs, featuring top players from the Canadian Football League. There are also signed inserts via CFL Prowess Autographs and Gold, appearing in 1:5 packs and 1:10 packs, respectively. Patch autos are also available through common prints such as CFL Jumbo Patch and CFL Jerseys. Boxes are composed of 5 packs which each contain 3 cards.

November 15: 2023 Rittenhouse NCIS Autograph Expansion

2023 Rittenhouse NCIS Autograph Expansion is a limited release with just 300 total packs available for purchase. Each pack comes in at $259.99 and includes 9 different autographed cards. Each pack also guarantees an autograph from long-time series stars Pauley Perrette and Rocky Carroll. There are two different pack configurations, meaning serious collectors can purchase two packs to ensure collecting the full expansion lineup.

November 17: Additional Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift Releases

For the Pokemon fans that didn’t get their itch scratched on November 3rd’s release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift, November 17 brings additional content. Both the Build & Battle Kit Box as well as Build and Battle Stadium hit the market, with the Kit Box containing a 40-card deck ready for use, as well as a single unique foil promotion card. It also includes 4 of the booster packs.

The Battle Stadium option is packed with content, as it includes 2 Build and Battle Boxes totaling 2 decks for 80 combined cards, each with its own foil promotion card. It also includes an additional 3 booster packs, 6 damage-counter dice, 2 markers for coin condition, and a large collector’s box for storage.

November 22: 2023 Donruss Football

With hobby boxes starting at $299, 2023 Donruss Football returns for another year to provide collectors with a wide range of assortments for the NFL. Hobby boxes tout 1 relic and 1 autograph per, and you can even purchase a complete factory set for this release. This drop highlights both top rookies and current stars in its 400-card base set, with players like Trevor Lawrence and rookie Vikings wideout Jordan Addison available.

Those looking to add exclusivity to their portfolio can chase super short-printed inserts that feature top quarterbacks such as Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes via Unleashed, Downtown, and Gridiron Marvels.

November 22: 2023 Donruss Elite WWE Wrestling

For fans of the WWE, Donruss will release its first iteration of Elite WWE Wrestling since becoming a complete trading card product drop. Hobby boxes are packed with content, averaging 2 autographs and an additional 20 parallels/inserts per. The base set consists of 150 cards, with 50 legends and 100 superstars gracing the prints. There are 9 different parallels to be pulled from the base set, however we do not yet have information in regards to print runs. Inserts for this release will also have a number of different colored parallels. 

November 22: 2022-23 Panini National Treasures Basketball

Coming in as one of the more desirable releases for the month of November, Panini is poised to release the 2022-23 National Treasures Basketball on November 22. This drop comes in at a premier price point, with hobby boxes starting just a shade under $3,000. Each 10-card box ensures 4 relics as well as 4 autographs, giving collectors high levels of return for their investment.

Once again this release will include the highly-anticipated rookie patch autos, as well as another chase through the RPA Logoman insert. Collectors can also pull some of their favorite stars of today’s game, such as Steph Curry, via Peerless Signatures and Penmanship. New autographed lines also hit the scene through Court Pass and Treasured Moments.

November 22: 2023-24 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball

Panini’s second basketball release on November 22 comes with the 2023-24 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball drop. With hobby boxes starting at $150, collectors can scoop up their favorite rookies set to make an impact on today’s NBA. Per usual, hobby boxes will include 1 autograph and 24 additional inserts or parallels. The base set offers 8 parallel variants, ranging #/199 to 1/1. New insert arrivals include Ignition, Sheesh, and Presentations, and last year’s playoffs get some recognition via lines such as Road to the Finals and Parade, which capture some of last season’s top moments. Hobby box autographs will come from 1 of 4 different signature lines, with rookies like Ausar Thompson able to be pulled.

November 22: 2023 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

Topps Museum Collection Baseball rounds off our MLB releases for the month, ensuring a wide variety of autographed cards as well as relics in each box. Cases also guarantee two signed cards from top signatures series lines for this release. The base set includes 100 cards scattered amongst prospects, current stars, and retired icons.

Six different parallels are available to be pulled from the base set, ranging #/299 to an Emerald 1/1. Canvas Collection Reprints, which are reiterations of previous artwork, fall once per hobby box. 1/1 versions of top players can be chased through Canvas Collection Originals, and there are a total of 10 different parallels available for autographed prints from this drop.

November 22: 2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Intergoolactic Mayhem

Topps Garbage Pail Kids Intergoolactic Mayhem reveals a new sci-fi theme for this sticker series, with all-new artwork including both A and B names for each card in the release. While we don’t have extensive information on this release, we do know there are 7 different parallels able to be pulled, ranging from once per pack to 1/1. New inserts and sketches will also be premiered through Space Farce and Time Warp. There are 24 8-card packs per box.

November 22: 2023 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

The final release for November 22 comes from Upper Deck’s 2023 Goodwin Champions collection. This drop covers an extremely wide range of topics, from history and entertainment to more common sport-themed prints. Goodwin Platinum cards are averaged out to appear in 1:6 packs, with new parallels such as Tortoise Shell and Sky hitting the market. In total, there are 14 parallels that can be collected ranging from 1:20 packs to a 1/1 Golden Treasures parallel.

Collectors can expect both new inserts (Upper Deck Young Guns & Upper Deck) as well as recognizable options (Clear Cut & High Gloss). All in all, this release may be the most versatile drop of the month via its huge net of players and topics included.

November 29: 2023 Panini Chronicles Racing NASCAR

Our first racing release comes from Panini on the final day of drops for November, as 2023 Panini Chronicles Racing NASCAR hits the market with hobby boxes starting at $109.99. This is their 4th annual drop for this collection, and it’s packed with a flurry of different lines such as Clear Vision and Chronicles for collectors to pull their favorite drivers of past and present.

This drop also includes a solid number of different signatured prints, with a new chase signature making its debut via Vertex Autographs. Lastly, investors can hope to pull memorabilia and relic cards of well-known drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr and Joey Logano.

November 29: 2023 Topps MLS Soccer

The final release of the month comes from 2023 Topps MLS Soccer, with hobby boxes estimated to include 2 relics and 1 autograph per. This year’s lineup of parallels has seen a revamp, adding commonly-found variants such as Soccer Tile to an already stacked lineup of 11 foil parallels ranging from 4 per blaster to 1/1.

New inserts include 1983 Topps Futbol and Big City Strikers, while the Pearlers insert offers a super short-printed chase opportunity for collectors. Each insert will have 4 different parallels with a wide range of rarity. Base autographed cards can also be pulled, which have their own parallel variants that are numbered #/99 to 1/1.

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