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Christian Pulisic Makes History With Chelsea: This Week’s All-Stars

Christian Pulisic Makes History With Chelsea: This Week’s All-Stars

Ben Burrows

This may finally be the year for Chris Paul. Currently leading the young and talented Phoenix Suns, Paul is closer than ever to winning an NBA title. In soccer, Christian Pulisic has been busy making a little history.

Here’s a look at This Week’s All-Stars:

Christian Pulisic, Chelsea Midfielder

Who else would it be this week in soccer? Pulisic is coming off being the first American to win the Champions League. Eight days later, the US Men’s National Team took the pitch against rival Mexico for the first ever CONCACAF Nations League championship.

In a heated contest, Pulisic lined up for a penalty kick in the 114th minute of a 2-2 game. Staring down Guillermo Ochoa, Pulisic buried the decisive goal into the right upper 90 of the net in an iconic moment for the American captain. — Doug Huskey

Aaron Jones, Green Bay Running Back

If Jordan Love is the Green Bay Packers Week 1 quarterback, there will be some growing pains with the offense. When that happens, running back Aaron Jones will be called upon to do some heavy lifting.

With 1,104 yards on 201 carries a year ago, the 2020 Pro Bowler can handle it. Jones’ 2017 Prizm Silver sits around $115 now, but it has sold for more than $200 several times over the past year. There’s plenty of running room here for growth. DeMarco Williams

Jesse Winker, Cincinnati Reds Outfielder

The Cincinnati Reds may have found themselves a potential All-Star in outfielder Jesse Winker. Winker’s considered one of the hottest players at the plate right now, and is putting up some of the best numbers of his career. Statistically, the former first-round pick is Top-3 in HRs, Batting Average, and Slugging.

If Winker can continue this MVP-caliber season, it makes you wonder if the Reds will extend his contract in order to keep him in the lineup for seasons to come. Winker is currently on a 1-year, 3.5 million dollar deal. — Tyler Holzhammer

Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns Guard

Chris Paul continues to be the Point God for Phoenix. He’s not quite 100% healthy after banging up his shoulder in Round 1 against the Los Angeles Lakers, but he’s still managing to guide the Suns through the NBA Playoffs.

Phoenix is currently up 2-0 over MVP Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets while Paul has dished out 26 assists with just one turnover to start the series. — Ben Burrows

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