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Beckett Announces Temporary Suspension of Most Grading Levels

Beckett Announces Temporary Suspension of Most Grading Levels

Ben Burrows

Beckett announced Tuesday that it will be suspending all grading levels other than Premium, effective June 7.

Orders submitted under all other levels will be returned ungraded, Beckett said. According to the announcement, the suspension will allow BGS to focus on the current backlog of submissions before The National.

The National is currently scheduled for July 28 through Aug. 1.

Beckett added that the temporary move will improve its availability for the remainder of 2021 and 2022.

“It seems like yesterday Beckett and others in the collectibles world were in the midst of trying to figure out what havoc COVID-19 was going to have on our industry,” Beckett Collectibles President Jeremy Murray wrote in the announcement. “No shows, card manufacturing shutdowns, problems getting supplies, and shops closing were just a few of the things many of us worried about and dealt with over the past 12+ months. Thankfully, it appears that many of those concerns/issues are subsiding and our market has flourished to levels we have never seen!”

“It is truly exciting to be involved in this industry and to see the growth we are all experiencing,” Murray added. “We believe the best is yet to come! Continue to be safe and enjoy this great industry. We look forward to working with you in the future and seeing many of you at the National in a few weeks.”

Beckett added that it strongly recommends customers use the online submission form to create a more efficient submission process.

Beckett’s move comes two months after PSA announced it was suspending almost all submission levels. Nat Turner, the executive chairman of Collectors Universe, PSA’s parent company, recently announced that the company is caught up on order entry.

PSA’s target for reintroducing submission levels is July 1.

PSA’s shutdown also created a wave of submissions to smaller companies like SGC and CSG, which resulted in both having to raise prices to limit orders.

SGC recently reduced prices from $75 to $30 after catching up on orders, and also announced a partnership to send cards in through Sports Card Investor’s Bulk Submissions Program.

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