The Greatest UNOPENED Pack Collection in the World!

Ryan Timmer is a super collector whose unique collection has been recognized as one of the greatest set registries in the world.

Game Worn Cards: Total Gimmick or Next Big Thing??

Today we talk about:
Game Worn Cards
Data Dive
New PSA Slabs
Wemby Topps Now

HUGE Football DEALS at Cards HQ Trade Night!

Can we make a deal before trade night even starts?

The Best Football Cards to Target Before the National!

We’re 10 weeks away from the National, and that means it’s LAST CALL to scoop the football cards that are sure to be HOT in Cleveland.


Geoff breaks down the top 5 sports cards going up in the sports card market.

I Just Spent $387,847 on Cards & Memorabilia - Here's What I Bought & Why

Geoff shows you some of his recent card and memorabilia pickups.

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