100 Incredible Cards I Just Found Inside CardsHQ! 🔥

Geoff and Reaves challenge each other to see who can pick out the best cards from CardsHQ. Happy Father's Day!

The Hidden Traps in Sports Card Flipping

Sports card speculation and flipping can be both profitable and a lot of fun.
But don’t think for a second that it’s all sunshine and rainbows on the way to the pot of gold.
There are hidden traps that you need to know about.
And at the end of the day, the HOUSE is the only one who always wins.

Let’s get realistic and crunch some numbers.

Let’s Data Dive.

FATHERS DAY Box Battle 🏈⚔️ 2024 Donruss Clearly FOOTBALL

Today we are opening 2024 Donruss Clearly Football for father's day! Watch along to see who wins!


Geoff breaks down the top 5 sports cards going up in the sports card market.

Inside a Highly Innovative Card Shop: The Secrets of AA Mint Cards in South Florida

Geoff talks with the owner and operator of AA Mint Cards Mark Amarant about what the future of card shops look like.

Did Topps Steal Home with Series 2 Baseball?

Today we talk about:
Fun Face
Skenes $$
New Marketplace

Day in the Life Working at a Card Shop! 🔥 (CardsHQ Behind the Scenes)

Get all access behind the scenes of the operations of CardsHQ and the people who make it run.

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