The PSA 10 Premium Is OUT OF CONTROL🤦🏻‍♂️

Today We dive into The PSA 10 GAP between SGC and BGS

1 HOUR of Opening BIG Sports Card Boxes

We've opened so many boxes of cards on Card Kids. Here's some of our favorites.

Are These Prizm Autos FAKE? PSA Thinks So! 😲 + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Today we talk about: Prizm Autos, Baseball Prospects, Topps Series 1, Stroud V Wemby and MORE on this week's Cards on the Table.

HUNTING for the 1/1 WEMBY in 2023 Prizm Basketball!🔥

Today we are on the hunt for the 1/1 Wemby out of 2023 Prizm Basketball!

Amazing Never Seen Before Sports Memorabilia From Marshall Fogel's EPIC Collection!

Geoff talks with Marshall Fogel and Joe Orlando about the most interesting items in Marshall's collection.


Geoff breaks down the top 5 sports cards going up in the sports card market.

Day in the Life of a New Card Shop Owner (First Day!)

After 15 months of work CardsHQ is finally open for business. Now Geoff Wilson shows us a day in the life of card shop owner.

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