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The Virtual Holiday Sports Card Con 2020 by Sports Card Investor

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We go LIVE Tuesday at 8pm EST at this Youtube link: https://youtu.be/zWBQul2uHXs
Featured Dealers:

GotBaseballCards.com – Website
Charity auctions: Lebron 1 | Lebron 2 | Lebron 3 | Mbappe | Ronaldo | Maris

The MeelyPops Shop – See Items For Sale

2Bros Sports – See Items For Sale

Featured Breaker:
Layton Sports Cards

Special Guests:
Andre Dawson, Baseball Hall of Famer
Chuck Oliver, Host of 680 The Fan and The Collector & The Dealer Podcast
Nicole Colombo, General Manager, eBay
Elizabeth Peotter, UltraPro

We go LIVE Wednesday at 8pm EST at this Youtube link: https://youtu.be/PRL7eX_lPgQ
Featured Dealers:
Incredible Collectibles – See Items For Sale
Gridiron Stars – See Items For Sale
TCA Gaming – See Items For Sale
Cards & Coffee
Featured Breaker:
The Coffee Breakers

Special Guests:
Tracy Hackler, Panini
Darren Rovell, Sports Business Reporter
Jeremy Lee, Sports Card Live
DJ Skee, Founder of Dash Radio and Cards & Coffee

We go LIVE Thursday at 8pm EST at this Youtube link: https://youtu.be/42EMKe8XCt4
Featured Dealers:
Deez Cards – See Cards for Sale
Black Jaded Wolf – See Cards for Sale
Ausum Sports – See Sealed Wax for Sale
Featured Breaker:
Special Guest Breaker Darren Rovell

Special Guests:
Dr. James Beckett, Founder of Beckett Media & Grading
Darren Rovell, Sports Business Reporter
Terry Smith, Sports Artist

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