Sports Card Investing Resources

Here are helpful resources to use when consider sports card investments:


Modern Sports Card Investing 101 Video

If you are new to investing in sports card, this video is where you want to start. I cover all the basics such as what sets of cards to target, why grading is important, and much more.

PWCC’s Market Price Research Tool

The best tool for historical eBay auction data (to see what cards sold for in the past). You have to sign up for a free account to use it. Note the price data is only accurate on auctions, not fixed price (Buy it Now). So limit your search to only auction data.

Cardboard Connection’s Checklists

When buying any product it’s a good idea to understand the checklist of what is in that product. Cardboard Connection does a great job of breaking it down.

Other Sports Card Investor Videos

Every Wednesday and Sunday I post new videos about sports card investing to my YouTube channel. Look for past videos on a variety of topics. If you aren’t subscribed yet, you’ll want to do so.


This handy free tool will tell you what an eBay Buy It Now actually sold for if it sold for less than the asking price (eBay won’t tell you). Currently only works on desktop, hopefully they’ll make it mobile friendly soon.

Cardboard Connection’s New Release Calendar

The best way to keep an eye on new sets that are coming out in the weeks ahead is to watch Cardboard Connection’s New Release Calendar.